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City Hall Located at 130 N. Second Street, Toledo, Wa. 98591

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In June of 1919 some one hundred or so shippers to the newly organized and constructed Cowiltz Valley Cheese Association, gathered at their building to receive their first checks.  In anticipation of the occasion, President Del Giblin, some of the board members and employees and their wives had prepared coffee and cheese sandwiches from some of the first products of the company.  Such a pleasant time was had that it was decided by the board of directors, to make the affair an annual one and to include the public.


     Therefore, Jone of 1920 was chosen as the date of the first public "CHEESE DAYS", and the site for the affair was to be day's grove a picnic area located in the back of the present day middle school.  A dance platform was erected, carnival secured, baseball game planned, speakers contacted and finally tables spread with whole cheeses distributed around them.  Cheese was to be cut as needed.  The day was one of general good feeling, visiting and planning for better Cheese Days to come.


     The Association sold out in 1927, but Art Karlen operated the business until 1945.  Cheese Days were still held as an annual celebration.  Cheese Days were discontinued during World War II but were revived in 1948 by the Toledo Lions Club.  For a short time the Toledo Jaycees took over Cheese Days, but in recent years it has been again reverted to the Lions Club and the Cheese Days Committee.


     Cheese Days has now become a three-day event with so much to do.  It is held the second weekend in July.  Events during the three day celebration include; picnics, barbeque's, tennis tournaments, a parade Saturday morning, arts and crafts, free cheese sandwiches, yard sales, Reno Night, community breakfast, and so much more....